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Joslyn Law Firm: Know the steps to take if you are arrested on a drug charge

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Know the steps to take if you are arrested on a drug charge
CINCINNATI, Ohio – Being arrested for a drug-related offense in Ohio often nets defendants some of the most severe punishments. This is no time to settle for a defense attorney who isn’t 100 percent committed to the case.
Joslyn Law Firm has years of experience defending clients on drug-related charges. Its attorneys recognize that those arrested on charges relating to drugs are ordinary people. Most have families and are trying to live decent lives.
“The expert criminal defense team at the Joslyn Law Firm understands how stressful it can be to face criminal charges of any kind, including theft, white collar crime and domestic violence cases. Drug-related charges, however, can be extremely difficult to fight,” said Brian Joslyn, founder and managing partner at Joslyn Law Firm in Cincinnati.
In Ohio, judges issue penalties based on a schedule that ranks drug crimes from the most heinous to the least harmful based on the illicit drugs involved and other mitigating circumstances, like use of a weapon and previous convictions. Schedule I drugs, said Joslyn, have the most serious penalties because these are the most addictive substances, and Schedule V has the least severe because they are not as likely to be abused.
If you are arrested on a drug possession charge, here are some steps to consider taking:

  • Stay calm. Although this may be a highly emotional time, it is important not to have behavior characterized as an outburst. You want to avoid additional charges like resisting arrest
  • Do not offer any information beyond your name, address and other identifying information to the arresting officer. You want an attorney by your side when you answer questions. Politely decline and let them know you are waiting for an attorney
  • When you receive your one phone call, dial a good defense attorney if you have one. If not, call a trusted friend or family member to find one for you
In a drug criminal trial, Joslyn said it is the prosecutor’s duty to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the defendant is guilty of the crime. This means he or she has to prove that you knew about the drugs and weren’t just caught near the drugs without knowledge that they existed.
While the job of the defense attorney is to place doubt in the minds of the jury and get the charges reduced or dismissed, ultimately what he or she is trying to do is eliminate or reduce the chances of his client being sent to prison.
Joslyn Law Firm has a team of defense attorneys ready to help clients fight a variety of charges, including traffic violations, juvenile charges, OVI/DUI offenses, bench warrants and probation violations.
For more information about Joslyn Law Firm, call (614) 444-1900, visit or stop by the firm’s office at 212 Eighth St W #300 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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