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Healthy Building Services

Offer Valid: 08/30/2021 - 12/31/2021
Is your building ready to protect your employees and customers?
Waibel Energy Systems is offering strategic solutions through a FREE assessment of your building(s). To learn more or schedule an assessment email

Purification Solutions: Waibel can provide several solutions for your facility.

  • Bipolar ionization

  • UV-C

  • HEPA Filtration Units

Ventilation Solutions:

  • Increase fresh, clean air

  • Monitor space conditions (humidity, temperatures, & CO2)

  • Verify operation of dampers and exhaust fans

  • Building pressurization

  • New/repairs to HVAC equipment

  • New/repairs/upgrades to controls

System Cleaning/Disinfection:

  • Coils

  • Drain pans

  • Internal HVAC cabinets

  • Ductwork

  • Fan wheels 

Filtration Solutions:

  • Replace 1, 2, & 4" filters

  • Increase replacement frequency

  • Replace box or bag filters

This Hot Deal is promoted by Troy Area Chamber of Commerce.

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